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Rust Resource Roundup

Aug 28, 2022
2 minutes

Since NickyTOnline suggested I dig into rust I’ve started gathering all of these links. This page is a single place to keep the references I want to go through or those I’ve found most useful. It’s not meant to encompass everything, just what I like. It will be updated from time to time. 29 Aug 2022


The Book - this book, officially titled The Rust Programming Language but always refered to as “The Book” is mentioned as one of the first resources to go through to learn rust. Free online. I haven’t found a printed copy available.

Rust for Rustaceans - seems like a second step to go through after you learn the basic concepts. Not free.

Youtube Channels

No Boilerplate

Let’s Get Rusty


Ultimate Rust Crash Course - the most mentioned course I’ve found digging around. Has the most reviews on udemy.

Learn Rust by Building Real Applications - I’ll probably start with this one. It’s just how I learn things … by building.

Ferrous Teaching Material


New Rustacean - I started listening to this last night.

Twitter Accounts



GitHub Repos

Rust Learning - a much more comprehensive list than my resource roundup. But also overwhelming.

Awesome Rust - a comprehensive list of project written in rust. There are also a few resources at the bottom.